East on Highway 97 and along both sides of Highway 33 you will find the Black Mountain, Ellis and Rutland neighbourhoods.

Ellison, the most eastern area, is full of orchards and farms with many agricultural land use opportunities.  Ellison is where you will find the Kelowna International Airport, Industrial Parks and the golf courses of Shadow Ridge, Kelowna Sprints and Sunset Ranch

Rutland, a community south of Ellison, has a distinct commercial centtr with many new shops and restaurants. An improvement and gentrification effort has been ongoing for the past decade, with new parks, widened sidewalks, bike lanes, a renovated YMCA, and a rebuilt high school.

Rutland is Kelowna’s largest neighbourhood by far. Although the majority of the area sits on the valley bottom and is therefore relatively flat, the fringes gradually continue up into the hills and are therefore built at higher elevations and possess more expansive views than the rest of the neighbourhood. As one may expect, these homes are correspondingly more expensive. This is the exception, however, as the majority of Rutland is among the most affordable of Kelowna housing. There are also several low-rise apartment buildings which increase the population density relative to most other parts of town

The Black Mountain neighbourhood, east of Rutland, is on the way to the world-class Big White ski area.  It is approximately 15 minutes from Downtown Kelowna and has many family friendly neighbourhoods offering views of the valley and Okanagan Lake.  There is a new Elementary School, Black Mountain Golf Course, farmer’s markets, hiking trails and smaller wineries!

Just past Black Mountain is the community of Joe Riche, an area known for its quiet rural farms and ranches.

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